These secrets you will know for the first time about Botlhale Boikanyo’s personal life

These secrets you will know for the first time about Botlhale Boikanyo’s personal life

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Botlhale Boikanyo is a poet, performer, and actress from South Africa, best known for her role as Omphile on Scandal! The actress rose to fame at a young age and has maintained her position in the industry while continuing to soar. Let’s learn more about her, as she is an inspirandaltion to many young people.

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She begins writing poems as soon as she is able to read, at the age of six. She performs at a number of social gatherings as a result of this, and she becomes well-known in 2012. She wins South Africa’s Got Talent at the age of thirteen, and her poem Prodigal left an indelible effect. Her original poetry album, Spoken Word and Music, was released in 2014, and it won her a South African Music Award for Best Traditional Album.

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Omphile, her character’s gender identity on Scandal!, has sparked speculation. when she acts like a jealous girlfriend and beats up a dude She perplexes us even more by gushing over Cee Jay and claiming to be ready to have his babies after a one-night fling.

The actress is often leaving us drooling, since she isn’t one to keep her love life hidden. She’s dating photographer and content designer Kagiso Phaswana, also known as Kpaparazzi.

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The money she wins on SA’s Got Talent can now be withdrawn from her trust fund account because she is above the age of 18. The actress is worth a whopping $350 000, based on her earnings from her performances and acting career. This is only the start.


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