Breaking News! 24-year-old Esther Calixte-Bea who has too much pubic hair says she will never shave again 

Breaking News! 24-year-old Esther Calixte-Bea who has too much pubic hair says she will never shave again

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At age 24, Esther Calixte-Bea is finally embracing her pubic, chest, armpit and leg hair. This woman is throwing her razor within the trash — permanently. After years of bullying, shaving and waxing, Esther Calixte-Bea has decided to let her chest, armpit and leg hair grow — and she or he says she feels “sexier” than ever. “I don’t want hair to be an obstacle anymore,” the 24-year-old artist from Montreal, Canada, told Caters News.39390532 9269273 image a 2 1613554232239

“It has taken me most of my life on behalf of me to simply accept my body and embrace who i’m.” Although she may have more hair than most girls, it’s completely natural: Calixte-Bea’s ancestors are from the Wè Tribe of Ivory Coast, Africa. “The women in my great-grandmother’s time were very hairy, and it had been seen as beautiful,” she said. “There is not any medical explanation behind my hair — i’m just a hairy person.” For years, Calixte-Bea felt extremely insecure and depressed, even suicidal sometimes. “I obsessively shaved in class to form sure nobody would see my hairy chest,” she said. The artist would escape the razor if even one hair broke through. Hair removal — especially waxing — was “tremendously painful. it had been more hassle than it had been worth.” But in May 2020, enough was enough. She ditched her razor and began embracing her natural look. “I had to push myself at the beginning by walking out with short shorts with leg hair,” said Calixte-Bea. After a couple of weeks, she felt better.39390530 9269273 image a 1 1613554223295

“It is that the neatest thing I even have ever done, as I feel sexier and cozy in my very own skin,” she said. It hasn’t been the simplest transition. The girl is usually met with stares from strangers. Once, someone filmed her. But online, she’s received nothing but support. “I have received thousands of messages from women everywhere the world who thought they were alone,” the Canadian said. “I have shown them that facial and hair is nothing to be ashamed of.” Calixte-Bea wants others to understand they’re beautiful just the way they’re.39390522 9269273 image a 6 1613554254535

“If women weren’t alleged to have hair, we wouldn’t grow it,” she said. “It is that the society that tells us to shave.” Her paintings often feature women that appear as if her, with hair on their bodies. It’s just differently for Calixte-Bea to normalize human body hair. “I refuse to victimize myself due to it,” she said. “I have decided what beautiful is on behalf of me.”