Brenda Mhlongo is celebrating her 40th birthday in private hotels.

Brenda Mhlongo is celebrating her 40th birthday in private hotels.

Yesterday Brenda Mhlongo was celebrating her birthday, the actress who is famous for her role in Mbewu has unveiled all her beautiful corners while celebrating her birthday yesterday.
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Brenda is known for playing the roles of an old mature woman and her style of dressing onset will also make her look like she’s in her 50s while she’s younger than that. But yesterday she decided to show her fans who she really is, the actress looked like a beautiful and glamorous little girl in her stunning outfit.

Brenda celebrated her birthday in a small event in one of the private hotels in Durban with her friends who also dressed to their best to fit in, she shared her well-organized decor as well as her customized birthday cake.
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The table, chairs had been decorated in black and gold and her chair had been made of gold since she was being given a treatment of a queen. She was celebrating her 40th birthday and everything was well organized and in order.

Many of you I know you will be surprised to learn that the actress was still this young judging her by the characters she’s been playing on set.


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It turns out that this actress is younger than her boss lady Connie Ferguson while they look like peers,it is true that when you take a good care of body eat healthy and to the gym you will age gracefully just like the likes of Connie, Sindi Dlathu as well as Brenda.

On her Facebook page she thanked the creator for keeping her alive, and also thanked the swarms of friends and followers who had always sent him congratulatory messages on his happy birthday.