Brenda Ngxoli is too big for that character, that’s what fans said in The Queen


Brenda Ngxoli is too big for that character, that’s what fans said in The Queen

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Fans react to the news about Brenda Ngxoli quitting her job on The Queen. She was working for Ferguson for the past 3 years and people loved her character and some felt like it was not good enough to show her real talent.

It has been reported that Brenda Ngxoli is quitting The Queen, because of the salary issues that she has come across with the company. Brenda knows her worth and she wanted more salary but they did not give her what she deserved then decided to quit.

Brenda Ngxoli is not new on our television sets as she has played numerous roles on our television telenovela series such as Home Affairs, Hustle and Ses top la. She has also made her debut on the film industry by acting on films such as Spud in which appeared on all three seasons.

She preceded to a presenter on Our Perfect Wedding, a television wedding series. In which she spoke out about the working conditions and circumstances that she was working under and the low salary pay.

She has always been an activist to speak out for artists and how they get exploited in the industry and they are always expected to show up but the returns are never the same. She has also spoken out a number of times about being sexually harassed by his fellow actors.

Her work speaks for itself concerning the numerous number of nominations that she has received including being nominated for the SAFTAs for Best Actress in a Drama Series three years in a row for playing Vuyo on Home Affairs, In 2007 she was nominated for Best Performance for an Actress at the 35th International Emmy Awards. She has also been nominated to many other Award Ceremonies.

In the year 2020 she joined The Queen on Mzansi Magic playing the role of Nomaprincess. This was after she had taken a break for 7 years from the acting space. She has made good remarks concerning The Ferguson after all the backlash that the company was receiving. She mentioned and thanked The Fergusons that for the first time in her acting career this is first time she received her own dressing room.

Phil Mphela took to Twitter this morning to mention that the actress has quit the show due to salary issues.

Brenda Ngxoli has been on the entertainment industry for many years and she has done amazingly in her career. People want her to have roles where she will be able to own it and entertain the viewers just like she always been. Viewers feel like The Queen has not given her that opportunity to own such roles.

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