Buhle Samuels is against everything men do against women

Buhle Samuels is against everything men do against women

Actress Buhle Samuels has slammed men who perambulate thinking they’re entitled to a woman’s time or space and took to Twitter to let men know that she won’t tolerate any disrespect within the name of courtship.

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While the actress didn’t confirm if her rant was inspired by real-world events, she let men know that she doesn’t appreciate men who see women sitting alone at restaurants or bars and feel the necessity to hitch them without first asking if their interruption is welcome.

“Men, why do a number of you are feeling the necessity to steer up to ladies you don’t know pull up a chair and seat yourself? What manners are these? I hate that thing! It’s so arrogant to assume that your interruption is welcome. Nigazosidina man!”

The actress’s tweet sparked an extended conversation on her TL about the proper way for men to precise interest in women.

While some wanted to know which approach women preferred, others were already claiming that ladies “don’t know what they want”. One tweep went as far as saying Buhle would probably not say an equivalent thing if it had been Duduzane Zuma who interrupted her space.

However, Buhle made it clear that she features a policy for disrespect, regardless of who is bringing it.

“Oh hell no, he is going to be put in his place! Not everything is about entertaining your desire as a person. I’d be during a meeting/convo that has no time for your lovesick puppy antics!” Buhle said.

Buhle went on to interact with other tweeps about the complaint.

The actress told the male tweeps on her TL that it had been important for them to be ready to read the space which the proper thanks to approaching a lady, was always respectfully.

“Approach and let the woman know you’re interested. If she says yes or gives you signals that she’s interested, then continue, but if you hear ‘no’ twice. Then take your ‘L’ and live happily ever after.”

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