Busi Lurayi got a role in scandal before she died

Busi Lurayi got a role in scandal before she died


Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela reported that actress Busi Lurayi landed a role in ETV’s popular soapie, Scandal. Busi Lurayi started filming and shot scenes for Scandal before her death. Phil Mphela said that there is no word yet from the production and channel on how they will move forward with the role.


Phil Mphela also revealed that Busi Lurayi was not shooting for the upcoming new season of the Netflix series ‘How to ruin Christmas’. Phil said according to Netflix, the character Tumi wrapped up its storyline in season two therefore Busi Lurayi left the series. A new role was cast to Denise Zimba in the upcoming season.

It is so sad that Busi Lurayi’s role in Scandal did not even get to play out. She was such a talented actress and would have been so interesting to watch.


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