Busiswa mocks Eskom’s service with new song #Loadshedding #EskomChallenge

Busiswa mocks Eskom’s service with new song #Loadshedding #EskomChallenge

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Singer-songwriter Busiswa has slammed Eskom’s prolonged load-shedding in Mzansi, through a song, which highlights how the daily lives of the nation have been affected by the power outages.

As stage 4 load-shedding hits the nation this week, many people have taken to social media to call out Eskom for the ongoing planned power cuts across the country.

According to Eskom, the need for increased power cuts was to prevent breakdowns of its generating units across the country.

“This is to ration the remaining emergency generation reserves, which have been depleted. These reserves are required to respond to further emergencies to maintain the stability of the national grid,” the power utility said.
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Outspoken artist Busiswa shared her thoughts on load-shedding and also sang a song to express her frustrations while dealing with power outages. Putting her #EskomChallenge out there, Busiswa can be seen singing a ballad about not being able to cook a meal because of the lack of electricity.

Frustrated with service delivery and uncooked food, Busiswa came for President Cyril Ramaphosa amid it all.

The star added that all she could eat with all the load-shedding going on was peanut butter on bread.

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