Busta 929 says nothing sinister happened they were only recording new music.

Busta 929 says nothing sinister happened they were only recording new music.

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Amapiano DJ Busta 929 has come under fire after a video of him partying with underage girls went viral. In the video, where girls who have been alleged toe 14 years old, alcohol and one of them was not wearing her clothes, instead, she was wrapped in a towel.

One of the girl’s sisters took to an Instagram gossip page to report that the girls have been missing since Saturday the 12th, which is the same day Busta went on IG Live with them. The sister claims the girls went to Rooftop Mohlakeng because Busta was performing. They never heard of them since.

He had been trending the entire day yesterday since the news broke, but now he has broken his silence.

Through a statement issued by Public Eye Media, Busta tries to explain what had happened that night. He said they saw the girls on their way home and they decided to pick them up. On their way, one of the girls expressed eagerness to work with Busta and so they decided to go to his place.

Why his place? Well because Busta has a home studio. At his home, he says he was not alone with the girls as his team and his girlfriend were present. He starts off his statement by saying;

“Unfortunately the context of the video that is being perpetuated on social media is untrue. The truth is that at the time of the recording of the Instagram Live session the three young women were with myself, my manager, my friend, and my girlfriend. We had been recording music with one of the young ladies.”

“The team and I came across the young women whilst driving back from a night out. Whilst having a conversation with them, one of the young ladies expressed interest in doing music with Busta 929. It is for this reason that we took her and her friends home with us – to make music,” he explained.

He then further adds that he is in the process of building a record label and is always on the lookout for new talent. He then refutes claims that the girls were with him for about 5 days, saying he only spent 2 says with them, recording music. In that 2 days, they saw how talented they are so they were eager to work with them.

Busta apologizes for being reckless by not ensuring the girls informed their parents where they were. “The oversight on our part was to not ensure that they had informed their parents of their whereabouts at the time. For this, my team and I sincerely apologize.

He then explains why one of the teenagers were not clothed and wrapped in a towel, he says “…because ours is a home studio and we’ve been recording for over two days, one of the young women went to take a shower at some point. It is for this reason only that she can be seen wearing a towel in the video. I want to assure everybody that nothing sinister was at play here, and everybody who was present can attest to this.”

He then says that the girls were not drinking and that the alcohol was for the adults only.

One of the girl’s sister approached the gossip page and wrote, “Saturday my little sis and her friends went to Rooftop Mohlakeng because Busta 929 was performing there and word is he took them to Sandton. We’ve been worried sick about them apparently they are even going Live with Busta in the live videos. They are mere 14 year old’s can they just come back home,” reads part of the message sent to Hot And Served.

After Busta issued his statement, the sister refused to believe that they were not given alcohol to consume. She basically said Busta is lying. They then shared another video and another girl is in a gown smoking hubbly with a bottle of Hennessey in her hand.

One of the girls even took to Facebook and the only thing which correlates with his statement is the fact that the girlfriend was there with them. In a now deleted Facebook post, she says Busta has a girlfriend and what people are saying is far from the truth.

“You will still see me going Live and taking pictures because that’s where my dreams will come true. I’ve said my part you can carry on saying whatever, but then wait for episode 2, I am not done,” the post reads.

Mzansi however does not but Busta’s story.