Busta929 accused of using young girls promising them a deal.


Busta929 accused of using young girls promising them a deal.


Busta was born and raised in Gauteng Midrand, currently, he still lives with his parents. Busta 929 is a famous South African artist, Rapper, Dj, and producer. Busta 929 is also an entrepreneur with several businesses.

Busta 929 breaks the internet when his pictures with a young girl go viral. The girl seems to be in her sixteens. There was a video speculating on social media platforms, showing Busta 929 calling the girl to the stage and later they showed pictures where it seems like a Bedroom.

Tweeps were not happy to see the pictures, people shared their different opinions about this issue. Some say it will be the end of him, some say he is doing exactly what R Kelly was doing to young girls in his house.
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We all know the story of R Kelly where he was taking young girls at the clubs, functions or concerts to his big home. He was using these young girls to fulfill his sexual needs. Now R Kelly is currently serving life in prisonment after he was found Guilty of sex trafficking and exploiting his superstar status to see sexually abuse women and children over a Decade.

Allegedly Busta 929 is accused of doing exactly what R Kelly was doing. There are pictures of the young girl he called on stage. The pictures are clear that the girl is still young and not matured enough to be dating someone like Busta929. Busta was born in the 90s, this might be a very serious case if it is true. Busta is accused of being a pedophile and using his social status to use young girls.

Advovolicious said on twitter, “What Busta is doing with young girls is concerning. He is another R Kelly that is using young girls and promising them record deals. This will be his down fall” she said

What do you think about this?

Link to the video where he call the girl from the crowd.

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