Cape Town: Judge John Hlope takes on Chief Justice over claim he plotted to kill his deputy Judge Patricia Goliath


Cape Town: Judge John Hlope takes on Chief Justice over claim he plotted to kill his deputy Judge Patricia Goliath

Cape Town – Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe is taking on Chief Justice Mogoeng after shocking harming claims developed that he plotted to slaughter his representative Judge Patricia Goliath.

Hlophe’s legal counselor Barnabas Xulu said his customer accepts the nation’s top legal official has been impacted by the reports of “counterfeit” claims of a death plot against Goliath.

Judges Hlophe and Goliath have been engaged with an open altercation that has been alluded to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Hlophe has even held up a protest of gross legal wrongdoing against Mogoeng, charging that he dealt with Goliath’s objection in a one-sided way and the way that he (Mogoeng) settled a grievance in which he was possibly an observer to the claims.

Xulu said Hlophe “requires a legitimate examination concerning how these objections have been settled”.

Hlophe responded indignantly to claims that he plotted to murder Goliath and depicted the charges as “disparaging, untruthful, malevolent and conscious falsehoods”.

Xulu said his customer was uninformed that such contemptible, horrifying and bogus charges had been made and spilled to the media and that they were pointed toward assembling shock by executing dangerous lies about him.

The electrifying cases that Hlophe plotted to kill Goliath are contained in a Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services (JICS) report that has been brought to the consideration of Mogoeng and Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola.

In the report, the JICS states that a detainee in KwaZulu-Natal alarmed specialists of the supposed plot.

“Judge President (Hlophe) has never been engaged with any activities that could even distantly legitimize the disparaging and tragic suggestions in the report of the JICS. He has never met or addressed any of the people alluded to in the report, either face to face or by any intermediary anyplace,” Xulu said.

He proceeded: “Basically, the charges that Judge President Hlophe is associated with any crimes, including the employing of professional killers to slaughter the Deputy Judge President are bogus”.

Xulu blamed any individual distributing such claims for being associated with malignant demonstrations of slander with the aim to sabotage Judge Hlophe and at last legal freedom and the respectability of the legal executive.

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