Carlene Brown de Jongh says that Da LES and his friends raped her

Carlene Brown de Jongh says that Da LES and his friends raped her

South African-American hip-hop recording artist and record producer Leslie Jonathan Mampe Jr., better known by his stage moniker Da LES, was born on July 26, 1985. His solo single “Heaven,” which was released in 2013 and featured AKA and Maggz, helped him find early success with his band, Jozi.

Da LES is accused of rape. Carlene Brown de Jongh has made new rape allegations against Da LES, claiming that the rapper and his friends gang-raped her.

Brown asserted that the assault occurred three years ago and declared her desire to file charges against Da LES and the people she mentioned.

Carlene Brown condemned the alleged offenders and singled out Da LES in particular in a string of aggressive Instagram posts. She proclaimed her resolve to pursue justice.

Social media users in South Africa are still talking about the rape claims made against the local rapper Da LES. On Tuesday of this week, a young woman by the name of Carlene Brown posted a claim of sexual assault on Da LES, whose actual name is Leslie Jonathan Mampe. The rapper’s buddies Mouse Mabonga and Sean Riley were also involved, according to her tweet.

South Africans have criticized the legal system for not “taking rape claims seriously enough” in response to the charges. The musician has been backed by others, who have asserted that he is innocent until proven guilty.

I am aware that it is difficult to come forward with such information right away, but how do you expect the courts to establish these people’s guilt after all these years? Before long, our judicial system will be blamed for failing to believe her since it is only her word against theirs.

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