Cassper fulfills his promise and gives a fan a TV screen

Cassper fulfills his promise and gives a fan a TV screen

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It’s been almost a month since #TheBraaiShowWithCass has received airtime on SABC 1 weekly! On the day leading to the show’s launch, Cassper pioneered hype for the show and asked viewers if they’ll be tuning in. There’s one viewer who caught Cassper’s attention! A user by the name @iamlediledi1 joined in the hype but asked for her TV to be excused since it’s one of those old TVs that looks tired of being watched! Fortunately for her, Cassper promised to send her a Samsung plasma TV to watch his show with ease!
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As promised, Cassper did deliver on his promise! He delivered the TV to her but something else caught the attention of a few tweeps who’d soon be called out on being jealous and vile! In his original promise, Cassper was believed by fans to be sending the lady a 55-inch plasma but the one he delivered was actually 32 inches and Twitter wouldn’t let this slide! How they assumed he was going to buy a 55″ TV is still a mystery!

Amidst the drama and negative comments, the lady herself and others who understand the TV as an upgrade, were happy and that’s what is important in this case. Cassper has never done anything and not be met with shade so this doesn’t dent his heart and ego! The lady had the following to say:

“#TheBraaiShowWithCass Tonight is Tonight 😭😭 Thank you so much @casspernyovest indeed I saw God isn’t a child through you TODAY!”

A few more fans showed their appreciation for Cassper’s gestures and had the following to say:

“You even delivered it by yourself? Wow❤🔥🔥🔥”

“Who would’ve thought that one day a South African black child would be blessed by another self made South African black celebrity net for support. @casspernyovest nna ke tletse!!!”