Cassper is living large. He has given his mansion a complete facelift.

Cassper is living large. He has given his mansion a complete facelift.

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Multi-award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most talented rappers. He has achieved what most can only dream of in their lifetime, and his music career is booming.

The rapper has decided to give his abode a facelift and it looks stunning. He posted a picture of him cleaning the pool area and said he is gearing up to host a much-anticipated party.

Cassper is known for throwing good parties and they are always the talk of the town. It seems this time around he will be hosting a party to celebrate his new alcohol brand Billiato.

Cassper recently launched the premium alcohol brand. He explained the inspiration behind the name. “It’s taken from the word Billion. It’s a state of mind. It’s also taken from culture in a township call Vaal in South Africa. They consider themselves to be Italians. So it’s (Billiato) is Ghetto fabulous,”

“This is for the dreamers! The future billionaires! Here’s a toast to us. This summer is gonna be lit! This is all we gonna be drinking! Luxury!”

Cassper has been winning in all aspects of his life and we are here for it. In June he announced that he has bagged a 100 million deal with Drip Footwear CEO and Founder Lekau. Explaining the deal on MacG’s podcast Lekau said: “It’s just a product and we signed a contract worth R100 million for the products. If it’s a sneaker or a T-shirt worth R2000 we are going to make ones that are worth 100 Million. Up until that particular term ends. So that is how much it came to 100 million.

“If one Drip is R1000 then we are going to manufacture 100 000 Drips and that makes 100 Million. So the deal itself is worth R100M not to say by the end of term Cassper would have made R100M.”

Slikour shared a live stream from the press conference and Mufasa explained how he collaborated with Lekau.

“I come from an average South African home, and I’ve told my story a lot of times. I don’t normally tell my story but I met Lekau on Twitter. I saw his shoe and then I hit him up and said I liked his shoe. I wanted to buy the shoe and then he came over to the studio. I was still working on my fourth album.” Explained Cassper.

“And then he came to the studio with a couple of shoes. Immediately being a businessman, I was like man we should make a shoe. That’s how the relationship started. From there we became actual friends and started talking about business in general. I’ve been able to achieve a lot in a short period of time with my team. I feel like we could do much more and feed more people and create more jobs together.”