Cassper met Mzwandile in 2021 and featured him on ‘Any Minute Now’.

Cassper met Mzwandile in 2021 and featured him on ‘Any Minute Now’.

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Rapper Cassper Nyovest has admitted defeat after one of his biggest 2020 wins turned into a loss.

This after the young man (named Mzwandile), who was found and featured on Capper’s album Any Minute Now, thanks to people on social media has allegedly returned to his old ways.

The feel-good story of Cassper helping the young man earned the rapper praise last year after the star got the TL to help him find a young man, who was dubbed the “taxi rank hustler”.

Mzwandile’s video went viral as he spoke about being hopeful in what seems like a hopeless situation and Cassper was so inspired he decided to feature the skit on his album.

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Fast-forward to 2021, Cassper had to be the bearer of bad news, as he posted a statement detailing what had happened since they found Mzwandile and how their “relationship” was unfortunately ending.

Taking to Twitter, Cassper put his feels in the thread as he explained the situation.

“Saddens me to have to post that after such a huge effort by myself, my team & the incredible Yolanda ‘Toni’, Mzwandile has decided to go back to the streets. He’d been clean of all substances for just over 2 months & making good progress at a rehab centre we had found for him,” his statement began.

Cassper went on to say that he had hoped all opportunities provided to Mzwandile would help change his life for the better. However, he explained that Mzwandile was an adult who was responsible for his own life and therefore the rapper and his team could not force him into anything.

“Truly wish I could do something else to help, but Yolanda, my team and I have tried all we could. Mzwandile is 21 years old, we can’t fight or force him to do anything,” Cassper said.

The rapper went on to thank everyone who had poured effort into helping him assist Mzwandile and expressed his wish that the youngster would eventually find his way towards a healthy, drug-free life.

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