Cassper Nyovest is done with the crime in SA – “South Africa is a gangsters paradise

Cassper Nyovest is done with the crime in SA – “South Africa is a gangsters paradise

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Cassper Nyovest is fuming after his money got stolen by a thief who cloned his card. The rapper took to Twitter to explain what had happened to him, saying he did not notice at first and also does not know how much got stolen.

Big ballers like Cassper Nyovest also do fall victim to such serious crimes. The Billiato ‘owner’ said his FNB bank card got cloned and is unsure how much money was taken.

He questioned the security when it comes to these banks and how easily his card got cloned. He said the person who did this is having a ball with his money.

“Someone cloned one of my @FNBSA cards and they have been having a ball with my money. It took me a while to notice so I don’t know how much they really stole but I want to know how is it so easy to get a card cloned? Isn’t our money supposed to be safe with these Banks?”

When asked by the bank if he reported the matter and stopped his card, he said yes, the case is being investigated.

“Yes, opened a case and it’s being investigated now. My issue is the fact that this can even happen nje. That’s very scary. I don’t feel that my money is safe anymore.”

Fans of the rapper flooded his comments section to talk about their ordeals and how they too suffered at the hands of scammers and thieves.

Cassper also caught some flack when he pulled a Lady Du on fans by saying he grew up with nothing.

The rapper claimed to have had nothing growing up and wanted to teach the black child that they could have anything and everything they want if they work hard.
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“Black child, it’s possible!!!! Take it from me!!! I never had shit!!!! We are THAT GENERATION!!! We breaking generational financial curses and creating wealth for our kids, our family, and our communities!!!! We ain’t leaving here empty-handed!!!!”

Cassper got called to order by fans saying his parents were teachers so he had a head start.

The rapper has shared a few inspirational words with fans about self-doubt and how he overcame that. “I felt obliged to shoot this video and share a little bit of my story and maybe touch someone… help them,” the rapper started off. He continued, “Coming up, I used to struggle with a lot of things, and one of the things used to be self-doubt. I used to be so hard on myself. I used to ask myself ‘why me?’… What makes me so special because everybody is struggling, I’m not the only one struggling so ‘why me?’ Why do I feel like I deserve the blessings?”

“why me?” to “why not me?” Cassper mentions that he manifested everything that he has now through consistent belief in himself and doing away with doubt. “I’ve already struggled, so why can’t I be blessed? I’ve already cried, so why can’t I smile? I’ve already felt pain, so why can’t I feel joy? I’ve already walked to the studio and back for hours, so why can’t I own a luxury car?” He asked himself.

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