Cassper Nyovest celebrated his birthday with his new McLaren

Cassper Nyovest celebrated his birthday with his new McLaren

new Cassper Nyovest McLaren
New Cassper Nyovest McLaren

Award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest is set to shut down Joburg tomorrow when he hosts the biggest summer party.
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Cassper will host a star-studded launch of his alcohol brand Billiato and he’s already giving us major FOMO. Cassper has been preparing his crib for the biggest summer party and it’s systems ready now.

new Cassper Nyovest McLaren2
new Cassper Nyovest McLaren2
new Cassper Nyovest McLaren3
new Cassper Nyovest McLaren

The party will take place tomorrow on his birthday, and you can expect a lot of glitz and glamour. We all wished we had been invited at this point. Hopefully next time we will.

Taking to his Twitter account, he highlighted his achievements for this year and posted a video of him shopping for his whopping R1,5 Million chain. “I’ve got a lot to celebrate. Launching Billiato this week, Winning artist of the decade, my birthday in 2 days. I decided to spoil myself with my very first Frank Muller. This is not your normal Frank Muller of cos. Fully customized!!! Diamond Encrusted!!!! A watch fit for a king!!”

Cassper recently emerged victorious at the 2021 SA Hip-Hop Awards. and bagged the Artist of The Decade award. In 2018 Cassper hosted a Cîroc party at his crib and it was the talk of the town. The party was so epic that people’s boyfriends ended up calling him the next day to inquire about where their partner’s whereabouts.

“I had people’s boyfriends calling me asking me hectic things. Monyora I just threw the party, ha ke tsebe nix. Some girls left their cars here and I’m proud cause they’re responsible for not drinking and driving mara ba robots kae? Ai, I party e njan le? #MufasasPoolParty,’ he said on Twitter.

Cassper will be closing off this year on a good note. In June he announced that he had bagged a 100 million deal with Drip Footwear CEO and Founder Lekau. Explaining the deal on MacG’s podcast Lekau said: “It’s just a product and we signed a contract worth R100 million for the products. If it’s a sneaker or a T-shirt worth R2000 we are going to make ones that are worth 100 Million. Up until that particular term ends. So that is how much it came to 100 million.

Despite his major, he often faces backlash from jealous people. The rapper recently had to defend himself from bullies who came for his “plummeting” The Braai Show With Cassper numbers. Phil Mphela first broke the news and said his numbers are no match to AKA’s.

new Cassper Nyovest McLaren new Cassper Nyovest McLaren5

“Braai Show Season 2 numbers declined after debut. Just over 2.2-million on September 8th was the most-watched episode for the whole month, meaning subsequent episodes pulled lower viewers. The new season is yet to beat season one’s 2.8-million peak,” reported Phil. He defended the numbers and said the broadcaster is happy with how the show is doing and blamed load shedding for the plummeting numbers. He had to also recently rubbished claims he is part of a secret society, the Illuminati and say he works hard for his money and prays a lot.
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