Cassper Nyovest says he doesn’t own a Bentley

Cassper Nyovest says he doesn’t own a Bentley

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The South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest finally comes clean about living a lie all these past years. Casper has been regarded as one of the richest musicians in South Africa and he was the first rapper to own a gently in South Africa. Now, Cassper is setting himself free by coming clean about owning two Bentleys.
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Nota once said that Cassper is not owning the luxurious cars he claims he owns, Nota was dragged for saying that, and he was called names. Now Cassper is admitting himself that Nota was right, he doesn’t own a Bentley. “Don’t you have 2 Bentleys?” Asked a follower and Cassper drops a bombshell “Me? I never owned a Bently in my life. I was capping. I drive a 2015 Mini cooper. It’s time, to tell the truth now!! I’m tired of living a lie. Nota was right” Cassper coming clean.

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Twitter users reacted to Cassper coming clean about living a lie. Some Twitter users were so disappointed in him “Everything about you is a lie” said a Twitter user. Some people didn’t believe him “I don’t agree with you Cass statement…2015 mini cooper…Let me check what Nota says” said a Twitter user.