Watch: Cassper shares clip of Khotso and many are saying they are twins

Watch: Cassper shares clip of Khotso and many are saying they are twins

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Award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest recently took to social media to share an up-close image of his son Khotso. This time around it was just a cute snap but also showed the little man’s fresh new haircut. He had on a ponytail just like his father did when he first burst onto the scene.

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“Gave the boy his first haircut today and I just had to give it a lil 2015 Nyovest flavour. He is my son, I can do whatever I want!!! He is gonna hate me for this when he grows up doe!!! Sorry boy, your daddy a lil crazy!!!”

Khotso’s mother Thobeka was shocked to see the picture as she appeared to know nothing about it. She told Cassper that she’s never leaving him with their son again. “Omg! How? I’m never leaving you alone with my son!” she reacted.

This lighthearted moment people the rapper and his son comes just a few days since he tweeted about the need for celerity boxing in South Africa. His tweets ruffled more than a few feathers and resulted in a forthcoming match between him and Prince Kaybee as well as comedian rapper Big Xhosa.

Nyovest’s beef with Big Xhosa escalated after he referred to him as a non-celebrity and Xhosa caught feelings.

“Ubindiwe wena Cassper! I was chilling minding my business and you said something about me and I responded, now I’m the one that wants clout? Bruh don’t even mention me at all, go back to blocking me wena Blockist.”

The fight that arose from the tweets, which the masses are mostly looking forward to, appears to be the one between Mufasa and Prince Kaybee. What sounded like banter from Cassper ended up provoking Kaybee and he’s offered to now beat up the musician for free.

“I been tweeting about #CelebrityBoxing since last night and the fights people would want to see. A lot of people are saying me and Princess Kaybee. I know he likes talking big shit but I don’t think he has the guts to get in the ring with me. If he is game, I’m definitely game.”

According to Prince Kaybee, Mufasa’s management has contacted him and they’re finalizing the details about the fight.