CCTV: These two men are accused of killing Kiernan Forbes AKA

CCTV: These two men are accused of killing Kiernan Forbes AKA

Sangoma has caught fire following the untimely death of musician AKA. People asked her to explain the content of the message she shared on her social media before AKA was shot.

At this point, we know that the South African rapper, AKA her, was shot dead after going to a club in Durban, Florida. The rapper told his former manager he was shot five times, none of which were shot.

The video has been all over social media and people have been speculating as to who hired the hitman to kill AKA and who pulled the trigger on her AKA for the past few hours. . Now, there’s an image that’s all over social media that shows the rapper’s suspected shooter.The image shows two men driving what appears to be a white car, which A car was at the scene.

People said that AKA was at the club on the night of the shooting, and several people posted videos in the name of the club, most of which had AKA’s face on it, making his whereabouts clear. We speculate that he may have been involved in

Going back to the photo of the suspect, people are saying they can turn this photo over to the police so they can start an investigation and find out who the person who hired the shooter is. Some people felt that the photo wasn’t enough evidence to convince them that these men were the AKA killers.

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