Celeste Ntuli reveals ‘Masked Singer SA’ pre-set rituals

Celeste Ntuli reveals ‘Masked Singer SA’ pre-set rituals

Celest Ntuli revealed her pre-set ritual on ‘Masked Singer South Africa’ in an exclusive interview with ‘The South African’.

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South African comedian Celeste Ntuli revealed her pre-set rituals and answered a few other questions about her time on the set of Masked Singer South Africa, after she was unmasked as Tortoise on Saturday 13 April.


Celeste Ntuli, one of South Africa’s most loved comedian’s was unmasked as Tortoise on the second episode of season two of Masked Singer South Africa. She has many of the celebrity detectives guessing.

Skhumba guessed that Tortoise might be Thandiswa Mazwai, Thembi Seete or even Sophie Ndaba. Sithelo’s gut feeling was that Tortoise was a childhood star or someone whose career took off quickly. She guessed Hulisani Ravele, Tumi Morake or Thuso Mbedu. While J’Something thought Tortoise was Ayanda Thabethe. Only media personality Somizi Mhlongo hit the nail on the head when he expressed that he is convinced Tortoise is Celeste.

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The comedian gave the audience a few clues of her identity. She expressed that she misplaced an essential gadget while travelling abroad. Tortoise also revealed that she changed career paths and counted meeting her favourite entertainer of all time as a highlight among her many different life experiences.

“I might still be a little slower than most, but my career isn’t,” Tortoise revealed.

At the end, she explained some of the clues. The comedian lost an iPhone and a boyfriend abroad; the phone returned. The famous entertainer she met was multiple award-winning international actor and comedian Dave Chapelle.

This comes after actress Nthati Moshesh was unmasked as Springbok on the first episode of the second season of Masked Singer South Africa.


In an exclusive interview with The South African, Celeste spoke about what it felt like being behind the mask, concealing her identity and her pre-set rituals to keep those vocals clear!

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What was your experience on Masked Singer South Africa like?

My experience on Masked Singer was short. It was so much fun shooting the show. I felt like I am child again wearing that Mask. I enjoyed every minute of it.

How did you manage to conceal your identity during production?

I didn’t say a word.  I also kept s silent as possible since I know my voice is noticeable. 

Who is your favourite singer from Giraffe, Diamond and Mielie?

Giraffe. What an amazing character

How did you prepare to play Tortoise vocally? Were there any pre-set rituals? 

I drank a lot of honey, ginger and lemon tea. I just had flu so my voice had to heal fast for the show.

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