Chadwick Boseman left a great sadness in the souls of all the fans

Chadwick Boseman left a great sadness in the souls of all the fans


The year 2020 will certainly go down within the history books as a year of loss. Besides the entire coronavirus pandemic, the planet has lost many of our brightest stars.

Actor Chadwick Boseman left us with a void in our hearts for T’Challa. The star gave up the ghost at 43 after a four-year battle with carcinoma .

In a tweet confirming his death from his account, the statement described the star as a real fighter and said he “persevered through it all”.

With the planet having experienced the many loss of our Black Panther , here are the ways Marvel Universe lovers and fans alike celebrated the life and contributions of Chadwick Boseman.

Statue in his hometown
Shortly after his passing, quite 58 000 fans signed a petition for a statue of Chadwick to be erected in his hometown in South Carolina to exchange a Confederate statue.

With the outpouring of grief and love from friends from across the world , the star’s hometown of Andersen wanted to honour the star’s lifetime achievements. within the petition, Chadwick is praised for charitable acts and for giving back to his community.

“Throughout his career, he has delivered to life such historical figures as James Brown, Robinson , and Thurgood Marshall. However, most notably, he was known for enjoying T’Challa the King of Wakanda also referred to as the Black Panther . This film, along side his entire body of labor , has uplifted and inspired many Black Americans especially during the turbulent times our nation goes through,” read the petition.

Wakanda Forever

Many children (and their parents) took to the web to honour the late actor during a “get you in your feels” quite way.

Children were seen lined up with their action figures holding up the “Wakanda Forever” sign away their chests.

One little boy’s story touched the hearts of fans across Twitter. After little Kian’s dad posted his #Wakanda4Ever dedication that went viral, the tweep opened about how Chadwick’s death affected his son.

“Kian wanted to thank everyone from rock bottom of his heart for all the loving and type words given to him for this post.” King goes on to feature , “When he acknowledged about Chadwick’s passing, he was heartbroken. But he knows death may be a a part of being human and wanted to deal with losing his hero this manner .”

VMA show
MTV had a special dedication for Chadwick Boseman at the MTV video music awards.

At the show hosted by Hollywood actress Keke Palmer, a video clip showed the star accepting his MTV Movie Award for his role in Black Panther in 2018. Keke began the event together with her short dedication to Chadwick.

“Before we get into the music tonight, we’d like to require the time to speak about the devastating loss of Chadwick Boseman, an actor whose talent and keenness were a real inspiration to all or any the fans he touched, and everybody he encountered,” she said. “We dedicate this show to a person whose spirit touched numerous . He’s a real hero — not just on screen, but in everything he did. His influence lives forever.”

Marvel tribute video

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther behind-the-scenes Chadwick Boseman tribute video.

Even the beloved Marvel Universe paid tribute to the star during a video of his best Black Panther moments.

The video had confessionals from the cast and crew speaking fondly about Chadwick.

Co-star Letitia a.k.a Shuri took time to recollect Chadwick and therefore the power of his presence on camera.

“You know Chadwick features a lot of depth. it had been amazing as an audience member to seem into his eyes” said Letitia