Child star Karabo Magongwa launches music career as a DJ in real-life.


Child star Karabo Magongwa launches music career as a DJ in real-life.

Karabo Magongwa’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. At just 14 years of age, this talented actress has already captured the hearts of South African audiences with her captivating performances.

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Her rise to prominence began at the tender age of five, when she first captured the public’s attention in an Oreo biscuits advertisement alongside renowned actor Richard Lekunku. In this charming commercial, Karabo effortlessly portrayed a young girl teaching her father the art of enjoying these beloved cookies, showcasing her natural acting abilities from a very early age.

Now, Karabo has taken on a leading role in one of the country’s most-watched soapies, e.tv’s “House of Zwide,” where she portrays the character of Keletso Molapo. Hailing from the vibrant community of Snake Park in Soweto, Karabo’s journey to the small screen has been a testament to her dedication, passion, and unwavering talent.


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In a recent interview with SunBuzz, the young actress shared insights into her burgeoning career, detailing the beginnings of her journey in the entertainment industry and the challenges she has overcome to become one of the rising stars in South African television.

“My mum told me that I used to play in front of the mirror a lot, acting. And whenever I would see a child playing a role on TV, I’d always say I could do that as well and do it even better than that person. So she looked for an agent for me and when she found one, we went for auditions.I did everything they asked me to do and I became an actress,” she said.

Karabo Magongwa launches music career as a DJ

In the popular South African soap opera “House of Zwide,” the character of Keletso, portrayed by child star Karabo Magongwa, is currently embroiled in a storyline where she aspires to become a DJ, following her dreams. However, her father, Isaac, is not entirely supportive of her pursuit, as he believes the music industry can be a perilous path for his daughter.

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This on-screen narrative mirrors the real-life journey of Karabo Magongwa, who has recently revealed that she has indeed embarked on a career as a DJ, while also continuing her acting endeavors. The young actress’s dual pursuit of music and acting demonstrates her versatility and ambition, as she navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the entertainment industry.

As viewers follow Keletso’s journey on the show, they are also privy to the real-life experiences of Karabo Magongwa, who is forging her own path and pursuing her passions, despite any potential reservations or obstacles that may arise.


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