Chris Excel: Black Coffee need to do DNA in all the kids he has with Enhle

Chris Excel: Black Coffee needs to do DNA in all the kids he has with Enhle

It seems like Mlotshwa is constantly trending on social media these days. If you weren’t following the drama, a few days after the new year, a woman going by the name of Bango claimed that Mlotshwa was ruining her marriage.

In addition to a lengthy statement at the time, Bango also shared recordings of her spouse and the actress’ Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

Bango launched into a tirade, claiming that Mlotshwa had been having a long-term affair with her husband, Justice Huni.

The woman said that she was only made aware of this after the two lovers decided to be clean about their extramarital liaison in order to convince Mlotshwa to become a second wife in the union.

After listening to a leaked tape between the two women, those who did not accept Bango’s claims were left speechless.

Twitter users are speculating that Black Coffee has confirmed the paternity of his children with Enhle in light of the dialogue that was leaked.

Additionally, the actress is being judged for inflicting on another lady the same suffering that other ladies did on her during her marriage.

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