ChrisExcel won the hearts of Mzansi after saying this about Zola 7 last night


ChrisExcel won the hearts of Mzansi after saying this about Zola 7 last night

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Zola ” Dlamini is a South African kwaito musician, actor, writer and poet. Zola wasn’t just a socialite or a poet, he was more than that to society. Zola was more of a philanthropist because he cared about the community and he did a lot of charity work back in the days.

The superstar from Soweto even had a TV show which was aimed at promoting youngsters with big dreams by giving them ideas and funding. Nowadays the Zola that we know has been off the radar in the past few years but the twitter president is planning on reviving him .

The name Zola 7 made headlines yesterday after the twitter president was vocal about him and denouncing SA celebrities who are not willing to back him up.

The twitter president seems to be so concerned about the current situation of Zola 7, who’s now broke and walking on a wheelchair and dealing with maintenance issues as he has been reported to be failing to support his children.

This was brought to the public by savanna news after his 7 baby mama’s went to complain at the maintenance department that they haven’t received the kids allowance in months.

Now it seems like his problems are going to be solved as the twitter president said is gathering funds to help him revive his career so that he can support his kids. The twitter president asked for South Africans to donate any money that they had to help Zola 7 get on his feets , he also asked for anyone who has seen Zola in the past few days so that he could provide the public with the address.

“I’m challenging Black Twitter.. To come together and chip in a few coins for this legend,Any amount. Any person close to Zola 7 please help us with details where we can,” says the twitter president.

Those words touched many South Africans and they were so jubilant to see the same person who’s been accused of cyber bullying Riky Rick , trying by all means to help Zola 7. Everyone went to praise the president and they were willing to contribute whatever they had to assist the guy.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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