Clement Maosa talks about his childhood without his parents.

Clement Maosa talks about his childhood without his parents.


Skeem Saam actor and businessman Clement Maosa whose always been vocal about losing his parents at a really young age recently took to social media to share a snap of his birth parents on the day they celebrated their engagement. Clement reflected on how their death happened so suddenly and he and his siblings didn’t even get time to mourn. Clement Maosa

This was their engagement celebration before the marriage, and immediately after the celebration they both started having health issues then eventually passed on a year later. i used to be young but I heard all types of accusations/allegations from everyone, community members, family, church people and just passerby what was the explanation for their deaths and as an adolescent i used to be confused and therefore the family war erupted and that we didn’t even get the time to grief or mourn as everything happened so fast… the sole solution was to relocate with my siblings from that village, cut the noise and somehow started afresh.” Shared the actor.Clement Maosa

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Chatting about his healing process, Maosa revealed that at some extent , he felt that perhaps their decision to urge married was the one that cost them their lives and felt that had they not gone on with the choice maybe they’d still be alive.

“Healing may be a process and nobody should predict when and the way to affect it. the very fact that two domestic workers who were already written off were now emerging in business and had a white wedding within the village didn’t sit well with many for a few weird reason, at some point I believed that had they not marry and had an enormous wedding celebration they might still be alive… anyway it’s beat the past now I’m just rewriting history that’s all. Tlou & Mosima Maosa engraved on my heart for eternity.”