Clement Maosa has accepted Jub Jub challenge

Clement Maosa has accepted Jub Jub challenge

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Jub Jub challenge has been trending on TikTok because of last week’s episode in which most people found funny. Well, one of the celebrities has accepted and took on the challenge. Clement Moosa has accepted this challenge and dominated on it.


Uyajola99…. family madness! DOP @vusileremi

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Jub Jub confronted a cheating lady and when the lady asked who he was he responded in a very funny way.

The cheating lady was arrogant and rude to both her boyfriends, she even spilled water to one of the bodyguards while claiming that they embarrassed her in front of the community. Even the cheater was caught off guard, she was, however, proud of her handsome boyfriends. She told the side dish to take care of himself as he left with her real boyfriend and that they will continue where they left off later.
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Jub Jub has recreated himself fame and love from his old fans by his signature. He calls himself ‘Jub Jub lamaswidi’. Everyone has a way of branding themselves, well this is the brand Jub Jub has created and it is making the show even more fun to watch.

Clement Maosa and Lerato Marabe reportedly took the video and joined the challenge. Everyone enjoyed the video, even Jub Jub himself seemed entertained by it as he shared it on his social media.