Condolonces pour in to Actress Thuso Mbedu & her family

Condolonces pour in to Actress Thuso Mbedu & her family

In a heartfelt tribute shared on her social media platform, renowned South African actress Thuso Mbedu commemorated the life of her close friend who recently passed away. Alongside poignant photos and videos capturing cherished memories, Mbedu penned a touching narrative recounting their journey together.

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Mbedu reflected on the serendipitous nature of their connection, expressing a belief that their paths were destined to intersect. She reminisced about their shared upbringing, noting how they almost crossed paths during their formative years in Ulundi but ultimately met later in Pietermaritzburg.

Their friendship blossomed during their high school years in Pietermaritzburg, where they found themselves playing the role of wingmen for their mutual friends. Despite leading divergent lives after parting ways in 2010, fate intervened, bringing them back together in Johannesburg in 2014.

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During a difficult period when Mbedu’s grandmother fell ill, her friend Lunga offered unwavering support, demonstrating compassion and solidarity during challenging times. Mbedu fondly recalled the moments they spent together, sharing dreams and aspirations while taking long walks or simply conversing in Lunga’s mother’s car.

Despite geographical distances and life’s twists and turns, their bond endured, exemplified by a simple yet significant WhatsApp message from Lunga in 2020. Tragically, their plans to reunite were cut short by unforeseen circumstances, leaving Mbedu grappling with the abrupt loss of her dear friend.

In her poignant tribute, Mbedu expressed gratitude for the privilege of knowing Lunga, acknowledging the profound impact he had on her life. She lamented the finality of their story while cherishing the memories they shared, emphasizing the preciousness of their friendship and the enduring love she holds for him.

Thuso Mbedu’s tribute serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of friendship and the profound impact one soul can have on another, even across the boundaries of time and distance.

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