congratulations: Bobo Mbele celebrates her 21st birthday.


congratulations: Bobo Mbele celebrates her 21st birthday.

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Bobo Mbhele, a young man who has wowed social media fans, is a lively force to be reckoned with. He gained notoriety a few years ago after referring to himself as a slay queen and threatening women that if they were not careful, he would steal their men. Mzansi has gotten a kick out of his social media profiles.


Bobo Mbhele is a wonderful young man who, despite his young age, has done more than enough to bring a smile to the faces of most people. He is the creator of the vernacular; ‘Ilwa Ntombo’ tagline, and with his comedy, he has found a unique method to enter people’s hearts. The wigs he wears and his manicured nails are his hallmark looks.

Bobo Mbhele is a man of a certain age. He will be twenty one years old in 2022 despite his appearance. His outspoken demeanor and sartorial style would lead you to believe he is much older. Currently, he resides in Durban. Family of Bobo Mbehle He is a one-of-a-kind child who now lives with his two sisters after his mother died. There have been allegations that his family is taking advantage of the gifted youngster. Bobo Mbhele’s sisters denied the allegations, claiming that he had not yet begun to profit from his social media platforms. They went on to say that wigs are always trending on most platforms, despite the fact that no money has been made from the videos.
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It was posted on Twitter that he is turning 21 years but people were not interested, claiming he doesn’t add value to the youths.

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