Congratulations Mr and Mrs Zwide: The wedding Of Kgosi & Shoki’s marriage was legendary

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Zwide: The wedding Of Kgosi & Shoki’s marriage was legendary


Mzansi has been more than ready for television’s most epic wedding. #HouseOfZwide character Nkosi (former SMag cover star Wanda Zuma) is set to marry the love of his life Shoki (Shalate Sekhabi) in two glorious episodes starting tonight.

HOZ came through as always. They always deliver when it comes to outfits. The new fresh faces of House Of Zwide loved the traditional fashion. Shoki was elegantly dressed by Zobuhle. As if Ona’s umemulo was not enough beauty. This wedding gave me everything and more.

Not #HouseOfZwide playing Real stuff by DA. L.E.S ft AKA and Maggz. The venue they used for Shoki n Nkosi is the same venue Mohale and Somizi used for their wedding right. When it comes to the Wardrobe, House of Zwide understands the assignment, they never miss. Everyone looks so exquisite, Mampho’s dress is perfect for Nkosi suit they match, but she did not get the ring.

This is one of the best episode. Mzansi have love this show, this is such a beautiful thing to watch, from the vows. Bless marriages. Let the people rejoice in their love and stay forever. When troubles come, let them remember what brought them together.

This is the day that Nkosi Zwide has been waiting since the day he laid his eyes on Shoki. We have witnessed him at first when he was not sure about her or how things would turn out between him and his Shoki. But one thing we know is that he loved her from the first day he met her.

The step he took is one that will make his good relationship strong. As of Shoki, she is a happily ever after bride. She was very excited and anxious at the same time that she is finally getting married to the love of her life, after experiencing ups and down in her relationship with Nkosi. We must not forget that Shoki whose real name is Sekhabi is 23-year-old.

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