Congratulations: The new bride Faith Nketsi is pregnant


Congratulations: The new bride Faith Nketsi is pregnant

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New wife Faith Nketsi has been the talk of the town of late following her ‘secret’ wedding over the weekend.

After videos and photos from the wedding ceremony went viral, eagle-eyed social media users questioned whether Faith Nketsi is pregnant.

The reality television star’s wedding to Nzuzu Njilo at an intimate private ceremony caught many unaware. Faith also changed her name on social media from Faith Nketsi to Faith Nketsi Njilo.

While many were still coming to terms with the marriage, some were already speculating that Faith is pregnant, arguing that this was a shotgun wedding.

Eagle-eyed social media users who pride themselves on their detective skills zoomed in on the model’s latest pictures and videos to find evidence of her pregnancy.

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Some claimed that Faith Nketsi is definitely pregnant due to how her breasts had changed. They claimed to have seen all this in her pictures.

Others claimed that Faith is pregnant because she has a discernible baby bump, arguing that it is apparent to those familiar with pregnancy and pregnant women.

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Here’s what some social media users said about Faith Nketsi’s alleged pregnancy:

@Rudzani71621301: #faithnketsi she is pregnant look at her boobs

@__thatohatsi: faith nketsi looks so pregnant in that wedding dress 🥺❤️

@zizoliciousM3: Faith Nketsi looks pregnant. Her boobs?😭

@m_thembiii: Is it just me or She looks pregnant

@Bongymngomezulu: Faith Nketsi looks pregnant double congrats I guess

@KatlegoMpe: Yeah. I was surprised to see her in a princess dress and not a tight one. She’s probably pregnant. Congrats to her.

@Sandyskah: I thought I was seeing things looking at her face. She def looks pregnant

@NonkululekoMte1: Faith Nketsi is definitely pregnant. Pin this tweet.

@snapple_b: The dress looks gorgeous here and not as big as in the video Kim posted. She definitely seems to be hiding her being pregnant


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@teelyfe: Beautiful bride♥️…On the next episode of Faith Nketsi “We are pregnant!!!” Halala koti ka Njilo..

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