Congratulations to Lasizwe. We’re so proud


Congratulations to Lasizwe. We’re so proud

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Popular South African YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza has announced that he has a new reality show on the way.

In the new show, he is joined by his brother Lungile. The show will premiere on You.

The show follows the true brothers in their everyday activities.

In each episode, Lasizwe and Lungile will challenge each other to complete an activity.


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Lasizwe is yet to announce when the new show will premiere.

Lasizwe And Lungile Respond To Khanyi’s Raunchy Sex Scene

Lungile and Lasizwe recently decided to catch up on The Wife Showmax since their sister Khanyi joined the show. The two were in for a surprise of their lives.
They came across Khanyi and Mondli’s sex scene – this was the first one.

While Lasizwe was in disbelief, Lungile was very disappointed and that he would never watch the show again.

Watch their reaction to the scene on Lasizwe’s Instagram.

if they knew that scene was just light waters compared to what was about to come next on The Wife. It would be an understatement o say that Khanyi Mbau and Mondli’s scene from last week Thursday was X-rated.

Viewers thought that they took it all the way.

Khanyi went into the intricacies of what it takes to pull off a scene like that. She did confirm that it was not real.


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“I wore the thinnest T strap underwear you can ever imagine. Camera work allows the illusion for you to think there’s nothing there when there’s everything there. For example, in the scene where he went down on me, there was literally a big camera in the sheets with us,” said Khanyi.

“Even in the scene where you see Nkosana under the sheet talking to me, you thought I was there. I wasn’t there. I was not even in the room when they shot him lying in bed as if they were both there.”
Khanyi Mbau’s base Kudzai wasn’t particularly impressed with the scene but continues to stand behind his partner.

Khanyi has expressed her appreciation for the way Kudzai has remained supportive of her role The Wife.

“Your level of support baby, the way you let me chase my dreams and want to see become the best in all I do is incredible and honestly the wind beneath my wind.”
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