Connie Chiume has the best Ba Straata video on the internet

Connie Chiume has the best Ba Straata video on the internet

By now we all have established that everything DJ Maphorisa touches turns to gold.

Madumane has dropped a new single Ba Straata and it’s been dominating Tik Tok.

If your music is not trending Tik Tok then you should be worried as it has become the app that shapes the culture.

We’ve seen thousands of individuals attempt the Ba Straata challenge and now 70-year-old actress Connie Chiume has attempted the challenge and it is the best video you’ll see on the web today.

Watch Connie Chiume do the Ba Straata Challenge.


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Connie Chiume exposed the entertainment industry in an interview with Mac G.

Amongst other things that Mme Connie Chiume touched on is how she almost did make it for the Black Panther project in America.

Cash was an issue as she did not have anyone to fund her ticket. Until the office of the NFVF came to her rescue, hence she ended up making it to America.

“When I was going to the Black Panther, I was struggling to get money for the ticket. Because I was not one of the cast members who were going to be… my flight was not gonna be funded, it was not on my contract. I wanted to go, thanks to NFVF, though NFVF I managed to go. But I remember there was a time when I wanting to give up, because I have been knocking on doors and I can’t find funding for my tickets” said Connie Chiume

In her earlier years, Connie Chuime enrolled to study nursing but she was kicked out of nursing school shortly after falling pregnant.

“After my matric l moved to Thembisa Hospital to study nursing. I was supposed to undergo a three-year training. Trust me those days things were difficult. They were strict laws which states that if you fall pregnant during your training u should never come back. I then fall pregnant with my first child and l can safely say l was kicked out of the nurse training course” said Connie Chiume

The actress was still determined to have some sort of qualification in her name. She later on enrolled with Wilberforce College to pursue her teaching studies.

“After l was kicked out of nursing, l joined Wilberforce college in Evaton. That’s where l learned my teaching skills. However, the job gave us small salaries, leaving me interested in trying new things and venturing into acting” said Connie Chiume

Connie is currently living every actor’s dream in Hollywood.

She has been rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood biggest stars are making rounds on social media.

During the world premiere of the long-awaited Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie, Connie Chiume met all the Hollywood stars from all walks of life.

In a video, while Rihanna was having a conversation with Angela Bassett, in the background, Connie Chiume is seen having a conversation with Rihanna’s baby daddy, A$AP Rocky.

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