Connie doesn’t drink alcohol for this surprising reason

Connie doesn’t drink alcohol for this surprising reason

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson has revealed that she does not drink alcohol at all. This follows after a fan asked her on Twitter.

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The actress who portrays the character of Harriet Khoza on The Queen Mzansi, is a matriarch of the Khoza family, who is a powerful entrepreneur, and she is also involved in dodgy dealings but at heart, she is a great mother to her children and she leaves no stone unturned to protect them.

Connie who is aging like fine wine revealed to a fan that she does not drink this follows after the fan asked her if she is the one who prefers to drink whiskey or champagne or it is her renowned on-screen character, Harriet.

Since the masses were introduced to Harriet who loves finer things in life, they knew that she is a fan of alcoholic beverages especially Whiskey.

Responding to the fan Connie said it is Harriet’s preference because she does not drink alcohol at all. We are not surprised that the actress does not consume alcohol at all because when it comes to her health and looks she is spectacular.

Connie is a fitness Bunnie of note, and she is always putting in the hard yards in the gym, she constantly breaks the internet wherever she shares pictures of her post-workout physique.

For the longest time, the starlet has always been health conscious and it seems, gaining weight is not part of her list of the things she wants.

Clearly her secret to looking young, healthy, and fit and also revolves around her not drinking, and we stan. The actress shot fame a few years ago when she bagged the character of Karabo Moroka in Generations has always been maintaining her body and her looks.

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We cannot dispute that she is essentially a force to be reckoned with in the industry and an inspiration to many. The starlet recently celebrated her 50th birthday celebration and after having achieved so much in her lifetime, it’s hard to believe that is only 50 years old.

Over the years, Connie has cut her teeth in numerous Art avenues including, acting and television producing. Another celeb who recently revealed that she does not drink alcohol is our reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi.

The beauty queen told Somizi Mohlongo on his cooking show Dinner At Somizi’s that she does not drink. This follows after Somizi asked her if she prefers champagne or wine she said she does not drink alcohol.