Connie Ferguson body trainer is similar to her late husband

Connie Ferguson body trainer is similar to her late husband

Connie Ferguson is a veteran South African actress whose talent and experience in acting are at an all-time high in the field of acting. Connie Ferguson became very popular in the ’90s when she played the role of Karabo in the Generations soapie which was very popular compared to other soap operas.
Not only did she appear in the Generations soapie but she also starred in other, more popular dramas and shows and excell in all of them.

Because of her love of acting she and her late husband Shona Ferguson formed their own filming and acting company called The Ferguson Films which has hired and developed new acting talents in the country.
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Their company The Ferguson Films has produced a number of popular and entertaining dramas that have been complimented by many, and caught people’s attention. The productions under The Ferguson Films included The Queen, Blood(iGazi), Rockville, The Kings of Joberg and more.

Connie Ferguson recently lost her husband, Shona Ferguson, to a minor illness that was linked to Covid related issues,the death of Shona Ferguson shook the world because it broke out unexpectedly and many could not believe that his death was true.

It is clear that Connie Ferguson finds it difficult to accept that her ex-husband who has been a best friend and the pillar is no longer there, which proved by the way she behaves on social media.Because they had spent so much time together with her husband, and she has already revealed t on social media that she misses her husband so much.

Yesterday one of her fans posted a picture of Connie and her bodybuilder, people started commenting minutes after they saw the picture of Connie and her trainer they started to express their opinions about the picture.

Surprisingly, people have been saying that this man has more structural similarities Connie’s late husband and that they have been pointing the number of similarities that made this man to be said his almost like Shona Ferguson.

If you look at their bodies they are almost alike even though they are not exactly the same. But there are some structural similarities of Shona in this man.