Connie Ferguson: It’s okay to do only what you love

Connie Ferguson: It’s okay to do only what you love

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The fans of the Telenovela The Queen were starting to voice out their concerns about the telenovela. Mainly it revolves around the lead actress Connie Ferguson and as she lost her husband she hasn’t been on the latest episodes and her absence became visible. Her aura enlightens the whole telenovela. However, no one expected her to be on set but the storyline needed her in order for it to continue.
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Today she took to her Instagram account and updated that she is back at work and it was her first day.

One of the media personalities who showed her excitement and support for Connie is Thembisa Madoda, and many others including Zenande Mfenyane they showed support and their excitement. Connie Ferguson is indeed part of the rare actresses who are authentic and become the role that they play. In the telenovela The Queen she plays the role of Harriet and she has become inseparable from Harriet.

Im sure the fans of the telenovela will be pleased to see her on their screens again doing what she does best.It is amazing how media personalities like Connie Ferguson would be doing their jobs but end up touching many lives unknowingly.She needs to be celebrated while she is alive for maintaining her craft and respecting it for so many years.She keeps on bringing her A-game and never disappointing her fans.

She makes acting to be so easy as breathing as if she was appointed and anointed to be an actress and touch lives by telling stories and becoming the role she portrays. For her to be able to do what she does the best is indeed amazing after what she has been through together with her family.
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Let us continue being kind to everyone as people are fighting the battles they do not speak about. Welcome back, Connie Ferguson.