Connie Ferguson overcomes her sadness by exercising and praying


Connie Ferguson overcomes her sadness by exercising and praying

Season actress and businesswoman Connie Ferguson is by far one of the most acclaimed here in Mzansi. She is one of those celebrities who inspires so many people and it is always good to see her conquer her own battles in the best way she knows how.

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Taking to her Instagram, just recently, Connie shared a post-workout photo that of course set tongues wagging. If there is one thing we love about Connie is that she sure knows how to take care of her body. And since she runs her very own fitness page, you can be sure that this queen prioritizes her physical health very seriously.

What has captured hearts, even more, was when she talked about her exercise and keeping fit has helped her to conquer her mental health. She also went ahead to add that she is happy that she has finally been off antidepressants, which she can only attribute to her fitness journey.

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Taking to her comment section, fans could not be any happier and in love with and for her. They are thanking her for always inspiring them to keep pushing even on days when they don’t have a reason to. Others have also gone ahead to share their individual mental health journeys, and it is such a beautiful sight to see that kind of effect Connie has on her fans.


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With everything that has been going on around her, it is good to see that mam Connie has found a way to get through it all. Just the other day, her body care brand was being put under blast after tweeps decided to say that it was so unnecessary and that she should just stick to something else.


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This is not the first time her Koni International Brands was on fire. If you can remember, there was that one time when Nivea actually sued Connie and her brand after it was discovered that she had allegedly copied most if not all of the concepts of Nivea.

Connie of course lost the case to the cosmetic giant and so for her body care products to be put on blast by trolls, was definitely not a good look on her. Connie is yet to respond to these claims and we are happy to see that she is choosing to focus on what matters the most.

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