Connie Ferguson reveals what she failed after Shona’s death

Connie Ferguson reveals what she failed after Shona’s death

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It´s been more than a week since South Africa lost one of the most important figures in the entertainment industry, Shona Ferguson.

The widow, Connie Ferguson took to her Instagram account to share with South Africa one thing that she has failed to do on her own since Shona Ferguson got admitted to hospital, died, and got buried.

Even though the late Shona Ferguson got buried, Connie has still failed to do that thing on her own.

Below is the link to the video in which Connie Ferguson shared one thing she has failed to do on her own since her husband got hospitalized. She also shares the way forward and how she is feeling.

Connie Ferguson


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In the video, Connie highlighted that there is a couch on which she and her husband would sit on talking about different things regarding life.

She revealed that it was where they would spend most of their time together. Connie revealed that it was the couch on which they discussed their plans and different issues.

However, it is sad to note that she revealed that since her late husband got hospitalized, she has failed to sit on that same couch on her own. She said she has not had the guts and strength to sit on the couch on her own.

Connie Ferguson

She would add that she really missed her husband but highlighted that she learned that even though people may make plans, it is God´s plans which are executed in the end.

This goes on to show how death can be cruel to people. Death cuts short the dreams of individuals on a daily basis.

It is therefore advisable to enjoy and celebrate life every day as nobody is guaranteed any future.

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