Connie Ferguson talks about Shona’s Death for the first time

Connie Ferguson talks about Shona’s Death for the first time

Actress businesswoman and TV executive producer Connie Ferguson had an interview with Duduzile Ramela. It’s been close to 17 months since the death of Shona Ferguson, and the actress has not healed. After so many months without hearing a word from the actress, speaking about the death of her husband and the experience she acquired, she finally opened up about the trauma for the first time.

The Actress and TV executive producer Connie Ferguson have sat down with Newzroom Afrika reporter Duduzile Ramela where she talked about the loss of her husband, getting back to work and the future projects. The actress Connie Ferguson interview on NewsRoomAfrika was about Shona’s death. Connie speaks about the night her husband died and the trauma she went through during the time he was sick and going in and out of hospital. In the video which is currently circulating on social media, Connie Ferguson’s eyes were filled with tears as she recalled.

Connie said that she was sleeping at hospital, she could not eat or sleep. She said that she had to watch her husband as he faded away from her. Connie Ferguson and her husband were working together in Ferguson’s film production. They also worked together in The Queen series for many years when she portrayed the characters of Harriet Khoza and Shona as Jerri Maake. The Fergusons served us with a great seven years of #TheQueen. Connie Ferguson as Harriet Khoza has to be the most favorite characters she has portrayed so far.

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