Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi is pretty as usual


Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi is pretty as usual

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Red is not an easy colour. It’s not many people who can safely pull the colour off. But we have people who are confident enough and even go for red hairstyles. It is associated with blood but it is all love. If you want to look daring, it is the colour to go to.

Lesedi has shown is that she’s one fearless lady. The actress and production manager recently dyed her hair colour to blonde and she looks tattoos. Those two, people don’t play near them. We love how her confidence makes her get and do things that she loves.

She’s a fan of red and lately we have been seeing her exploring in it. She shared pictures of herself in a red outfit. She’s showing off a bit of skin in the pictures. Her fans couldn’t stop complimenting her on the look. She looks amazing, body is also playing role in everything.


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