Connie Ferguson’s first Christmas without Shona

Connie Ferguson’s first Christmas without Shona

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This year has been very hard on the legendary actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson.

She had to celebrate the first Christmas without her husband, Shona Ferguson who passed away on July 31 after he suffered from the Covid-19.

Shona was everything to her, a husband, a brother and a friend. The two were doing everything together, at work and even at home.

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This day, the 30th of December, Shona always remembers it, he never forgets it. Actually he was even the first to call his brother in law and wished him a happy birthday.

Connie took to her Instagram and posted an image of herself, Shona and her brother, @lufuno_nett.

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This is what she wrote in her caption:

I have so many reasons to be thankful for you, the biggest one being LOVE.

Connie went on to thank him for loving her and family and moreover for supporting them unreservedly. She explained that she chose this pic with Sho because he would have been the first one to call him and wish him a happy birthday.

She explained how she understands the way Lufuno misses Sho, especially on such special days. She went on to thank Lufuno on loving Sho like a brother, even now.
It’s the first Christmas without Shona Ferguson and his wife has remembrance him today because of the person he was while he was in this earth. It never been easy to lose someone very close to you but we learn to accept as time pass by.

It’s Connie and Shona Ferguson’s friend birthday and his not around to wish him a special birthday but his wife Connie Ferguson is there standingb6to speaks on his behalf. When two were like best friends they even learn to finish each other’s sentences when one is not around.

Connie Ferguson and her late husband were married for more than 20 years. They were married couple are not easily to breaks. It’s their friends birthday and Connie wish like he could be alive to wish him a very special day and rejoice with him. She posted a picture of herself together with her husband and their friend. She wrote a very touching mamessage that leaves Mzansi in tears.

With caption: “I have so many reasons to be thankful for you, the biggest one being love. Thank you for loving me and my family unconditionally. Thank you for supporting us unreservedly. I chose to post the pic with Sho because I know he would have been the first one to call you a happy birthday. I know how much you miss him, especially on spec days. Thank you for loving him like a brother, even now. Thank you for just always being there. I love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday my brother @Lyfuno_nett. May God continues to shine his light on you and bless you beyond your wildest dreams.” She wrote.

Shona Ferguson, was a South Africa actor, executive producer and co-founder of Ferguson Films, alongside his wife, Connie Ferguson. Media personality Shona Ferguson’s unexpected death shook the entertainment industry and his fans, both far and near. Many people have not forgotten him and it pains his wife as he was the coolest person
Connie went on to wish him a happy birthday.

Comments started to flow from celebrities and her fans who wished him a happy birthday.

Today,also Connie shared on her Instagram page, a memory of last year. It was about this day last when her family were out on a holiday having time of their lives.

You could really see that they surely had fun there. As always, love and happiness was seen in this Ferguson’s films.

She wrote how different things were then as little did they know that was the last time they spent December together.


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It has been five months since he passed on but Connie misses him everyday.