Connie Ferguson’s first husband finally appears on Instagram

Connie Ferguson’s first husband finally appears on Instagram

It takes a village to raise a child. Someone who has never experienced this might think it is just a saying, but it is true. It is not always a child that they are referring to. What it means is that you can’t do it alone. Even if you think you can, in actual fact you can’t.

Connie Ferguson is a hardworking mother and sister. She has a skincare range and she is currently running Ferguson Films alone. The Queen is over but they are busy with Kings of Joburg which will air soon. She’s a proud mother of two girls Lesedi and Alicia.

Everyone who follows them knows just how much Alicia loves dancing. Her big sister Lesedi shared a video of them dancing. They were so smooth, which shows that they practiced. Their fans and friends commented on the post. Amongst them was Lesedi’s father Neo Matsunyane, who referred to them both as his children. We known for a fact that he got along with Shona, hence it is not a surprise that he is calling them both his.

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