Constable Mpho is getting his hands dirty this week


Constable Mpho is getting his hands dirty this week

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Let’s break down this week’s highlights on Generations The Legacy.

Detective Mpho gets his hands dirty this week…Mpho has taken up a case investigating a big case. The last time we saw him, he had solicited help from Pamela Khoza.

On the newly released highlights, Mpho is heard telling Pamela that he uses his superior Dali Malinga’s name to deal with such cases. He is walking in dangerous territory and will use all the resources to crack this case.

Nontle was unhappy when Mpho suddenly dismissed her from helping with the case, but then on the highlight reel, she is seen 8n a near kidnapping situation. A gunman tries to attack her from the back, but Mpho saves the day.

Mpho is walking in a thin line with detective Malinga; if Nontle is harmed in any way, he’ll have to answer, and once he finds out that Mpho is playing spy detective without his knowledge and using his name? Let’s say I see tears only.

Detective Malinga on Generations The Legacy. Photo Credit: Twitter/GenTheLegacy

Lelethu is going deeper into the darkness of Zobos pit. Lelethu escaped with his life from Zobo and his goons on Friday, and they went to his place and destroyed everything. When we last saw him, he knocked on Dali’s door like a crazy person.

This week Zobo gets his paws back into Lelethu…

Zobo wants Lelethu to steal a docket for him at the police station, and he threatens to harm him if he fails at this mission.

Lelethu is then seen asking an officer of the law to steal the docket, and the officer does it. He is seen taking the docket from behind detective Nyathi. It looks like Lelethu has hit the lowest point now.

On today’s episode

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Tracy is confronted with a possible new job opportunity, and now that she has her old job back at Moroka Media, she realizes that she has to make a decision that will change her life.

Zanele tries to find out what is going on with Lelethu. Maybe she will get more information, because of the kind of relationship with him.

Sphe is starting to doubt Winston, and he checks all the right boxes. It’s kind of scary.

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