Could there be a love story between Cassper And Ms. Cosmo?

Could there be a love story between Cassper And Ms. Cosmo?

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Cassper Nyovest’s sexual love is well documented for his love of voluptuous women, and it seems that since a replacement video has surfaced that we all could have omitted one romance that Cassper has forgotten to inform us about. In video thought of as from 2016, we see a young- and before the important glow up- Cassper Nyovest devouring a burger while chilling inside a McDonald’s outlet. The video then features himself and Ms. Cosmo- allegedly throwing bones.

The banter may need been just that, but within the world of daneloo, we all know that even the suggestion of a romance means smoke and that we just got to follow the smoke to the hearth. Should the time serve us correctly, the suggestion would be that the 2 may need to have a thing after Boity and before Amanda du Pont. If their timelines are communicating, can we suppose that Ms. Comso was the rationale that Cassper decided to rest on the “Melanin Team” and prefer to venture into the likes of “Skeem Saam” actress and Simba’s baby mama?

In his response tweet, Cassper decided to ignore the content on the video and discuss what has been established as his witty sense of humor. The “Good For That” musician didn’t entertain questions that veered far away from the Papa was Simba, and therefore the Mufasa to Bexxxdoesitbetter’s Nala image. But Ms. Cosmo wasn’t afraid to travel there as more questions arose on the matter. The “Bhuti” hitmaker addressed the context of the video without pertaining to the matter of their affiliation.

The matter of the two’s closeness is interesting considering the items that Ms. Cosmo has said about Cassper- or Relifoe as she would say. Watching the Popcast, Ms. Cosmo has always kept a knowledgeable approach to talking about Cassper without the suggestion that they know each other. With every reference, she would ask for an interview she conducted with the person. But Ms. Cosmo has never alluded to the very fact that she has also fallen for Cass- Refiloe’s quick wit and clearly hungry-like-a-lion-eyes, eyes which were clearly hungry for “stunting” but the burger in his hands.

So does one think that a Cassper and Ms. Cosmo couple alert are some things we omitted? Moreover, would we’ve been invested the maximum amount as we’ve been as we were in his past and current relationships? Lastly, what happened to the friendship if that’s all it had been, because clearly once upon a time they enjoyed each other’s company.