Couples are jealous from Connie Ferguson and her hubby

Couples are jealous from Connie Ferguson and her hubby

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Shona and Connie Ferguson has always been seen as Botswana’s biggest power coulple but that’s beginning to change as musician Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento are out here, killing it. 83977750 1084119201967181 735277113363408255 nVee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento Vee Mampeezy who just bagged 1,000,000 rand deal is balling like there’s no tomorrow! have you ever seen his mansion?? If you thought that was expensive enough, inspect his impressive fleet of cars. Vee Mampeezy car However the Fergusons aren’t abandoning without a fight. 134460385 824320771459986 2451915192805952817 nShona Ferguson has enjoyed tons of success during his time within the show business, having come from nothing to where he’s today may be a big feat to accomplish. In a recent post, the trailblazing TV producer rewarded himself with a custom-made diamond chain, made by his trusted jeweller. He thanked his jeweller in an appreciation post while blasting trap music within the background just like the real OG that he’s. “Appreciation post for my jeweler @axeldiamond_ . you usually come through with every custom piece you’ve made on behalf of me. Bless you and keep rising.”134566445 463122408032006 273940931988242953 n


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