Criselda Drops Case


Criselda Drops Case

A couple of weeks ago, Criselda Dudumashe shocked many of her supporters when she revealed that she was in an abusive marriage. Taking to Facebook, she wrote:

“I have been battered and beaten. I thought I have an understanding, a knowing of fearing the one you love. For a good 19 years it seemed like I had overcome the abuse. I made my 3 beautiful daughters the center of my world and promised them to NEVER again expose them to a violent and abusive home.”

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You can't take full credit for your successes if you don't take responsibility for your failures! #Rhema

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Shen then went on to explain that her husband beat her and that she had opened an assault case against him but according to recent reports, the media personality has reportedly dropped the charges.

In an article on Daily Sun, Criselda explained why she changed her mind: “I have had time to think about the case I opened against my husband for assaulting me and I decided to withdraw the case if he agreed to conditions”.

The activist is not one to shy away from engaging in topics that many may not want to talk about. A couple of days ago, she sent Mampintsha a message after he allegedly beat his girlfriend, Babes Wodumo. The radio presenter urged the musician to seek help:

“@mampintshawwestink get help. You will end up killing her and end up in prison for murder. You never take responsibility for your abusive tendencies and that makes you a danger to her and those around you. Seek help this is beyond your control you need professional help,” she wrote. Take a look at the post below: