Criselda Kananda shares the wisdom of Zindzi Mandela.


Criselda Kananda shares the wisdom of Zindzi Mandela.

Criselda Kananda shares the wisdom of Zindzi Mandela.

Media character Criselda Kananda has paid tribute to former ambassador to Denmark, Zindziswa “Zindzi” Mandela.

Zindzi died earlier month in a Johannesburg health facility, main to an outpouring of tributes on social media.

Adding her tribute to the flesh presser, Criselda shared a video of Zindzi speaking to Felicia Mabuza-Suttle at the Felicia display approximately the importance of understanding where we come from and where we are going.
Criselda Kananda shares the wisdom of Zindzi Mandela.
“you may no longer recognize in which you’re going to if you don’t understand wherein you’re coming from. South Africa wishes to have a culture of tolerance, for us on the way to continue to exist as a community. We need so that you can recognize different human beings’s culture and other humans’s beliefs,” stated Zindzi.

“specially considering the fact that there’s now scientific proof that says that we’re the original humans in the world. I suppose we want to respect and studies anything answers we can also have for our very own survival in our lifestyle.”

She spoke highly of the conventional healer and creator Baba Credo Mutwa, pronouncing that he’s her spiritual father.

“I experience blessed and honoured to be related to anyone like him. He is like an average instance of the pronouncing that once an old person dies, 1000 libraries burn down and he embodies that”.

In her publish, Criselda wrote: Nizilibele Ba Nizalwa Ngobeni Na? (have you ever forgotten who birthed you?)

She delivered that knowing and remembering in which we come from will assist us navigate where we’re going unapologetically with conviction, and that know-how saved our forefathers grounded and highly clever.

“I simply worry approximately our youngsters. I don’t know if they are ready or are they even interested in our indigenous understanding. Strangers stated our ways as darkish, quackery and barbaric and we believed them and helped unfold the lies.”