Dancer Kamo Mphela has released a new single, Nkulunkulu

Dancer Kamo Mphela has released a new single, Nkulunkulu

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Speaking to SunBuzz Kamo, World Health Organization gained prominence once she discharged her hit song Amanikiniki, said: “Nkulunkulu could be a prayer of what I’d like from God.

“I’m inquiring for things like cash.

“Working on the song was wonderful and that I hope individuals can receive it well.”

The musician, who’s known for her explosive dance moves, has conjointly discharged a debut EP, that has a constant title because of the single.

“Funny enough the EP wasn’t planned,” she said.

“It’s a compilation of songs that I’ve recorded within the past year.

“We Sat down and selected the most effective songs supported what my fans have enjoyed in my past unharness.

“I haven’t discharged music in an exceedingly whereas and that i wished to treat my fans to one thing new.”

On the EP, Kamo options majors DJz, Vigro Deep, Reece Madlisa, and MFR Souls.

Kamo, who’s perpetually titillated on-line that she features a completely different face a day, same she doesn’t entertain the negativity.
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“I don’t entertain negativity,” she said.

“I perpetually see the remarks however I ne’er respond.

“Instead I laugh it off as a result of i do know World Health Organization i’m and that i don’t let alternative people’s opinions bring Pine Tree State down.”

She same her journey has been a learning curve.

“My journey has been wonderful, and there area unit sure things I didn’t perceive before that I’m learning a day,” she said.
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“From here on i need to require amapiano to the planet and begin my very own label within the close to future.”

Nkulunkulu is accessible on all digital music platforms.

-daily sun