Date My Family: fans love Thandekile’s smile.


Date My Family: fans love Thandekile’s smile.

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Date My Family has become a part of the Sunday night tradition for South Africans, like church and slow jams. We get to see a variety of different personalities come onto the show to find their perfect match via dates with their families. There are always stand out moment
This week we met Thandekile whose laughter had everyone in stitches.

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I’ve heard the phrase, “you cannot have it all” many times but I didn’t think it applied to beautiful girls as well. Thandekile was bachelorette number 2 on the show and she made an impression. It wasn’t her looks that did this, it was how when she laughed, she might as well have been interchanged with a pig!

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The snorting causing everyone off guard especially was from out of nowhere. One minute she is listening intently to Matome and the next she was snort-laughing and apologising for it while it was happening. I just had to check out social media once it went down and Mzansi didn’t disappoint me.

Social Media Response
One user wrote, “😂 why is Thandekile laughing like Peppa Pig??? 🙈 #DateMyFamily”

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While another thought it was a pretty girl thing, writing, “Beautiful Huns always have [email protected] up laughs. She was snorting. 💔 #DateMyFamily”

Personal Thoughts
It was clear that Thandekile’s laugh only comes out when she is truly amused as she did not laugh nearly that much when she was on her date with Matome. I kept hoping she would slip up but she never did. I don’t know how I’d feel dating someone who laughs like that. It’s so offputting but at the same time very funny. I don’t think Thandekile will have a lack of suitors after this though, she is still very goregoeus.

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