DateMyFamily: The Bachelorette Was Sabotaged By The Producers

DateMyFamily: The Bachelorette Was Sabotaged By The Producers


Date My Family is definitely, the best reality lifestyle romance TV series in the country and we have actually seen people trying things out after the show, it works for the bachelor or bachelorette when they get what they asked for.

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But then, what happens when you get people who are not your type? That has to be unfair and judging by what unfolded, people seem to think that, this is what happened to Omphemetse, who was our bachelorette this week.

Everything started out just fine and Phemi had the opportunity to spend time with the families, but she probably could tell at some point that the bachelors are not exactly the kind of man she is looking for.

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But, she wrote to the show, she could not complain and she could not be too sure, so she was probably hopeful, as for the bachelors, they seemed happy to see her. And they really had every reason to love her, she is just a down to earth type of girl who seems like she can be vibey when she needs to.

She did not get the best options and she had to pick and that is exactly what she did, however, the guy she picked had people convinced that he was not right for her. The date was probably not on top of Phemi’s list, but at least, she seemed not too let down.

The reactions kept coming in and people had some things to say about the date, some were glad that she was not pushing a second date. There are those who thought that the guy’s height was going to be a problem, but that is for Phemi to decide, height is not necessarily a problem for some women.

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There was one particular tweet about how Phemi was sabotaged because it looked like she did not get anyone who was suitable for her, whatever that means. But, sometimes, one has to work with what they have and besides, Phemi will still meet a lot of guys, it is just unfortunate that she did not meet “Mr Right” on the show.

Or maybe she eventually got what she was looking for, who knows? Basically, according to some viewers, whoever chose the bachelors had it out for Phemi, there had to be that one guy that would tick most of her boxes.

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And it is no surprise that, there are people who mentioned that Single And Mingle’s matchmakers are probably the ones who did the job for Date My Family on the latest episode.

But, this barely happens on Date My Family, we will probably see what we expected to see this Sunday on the next episode of the show. As for the episode, it was interesting and we got to know more about Phemi, it turns out that she is an actress and she was on the TV drama series, Isono.

And people were just fascinated by her humbleness and beauty, she would definitely make a great partner.