For the first time, we see Dawn Thandeka in a short dress

For the first time, we see Dawn Thandeka in a short dress

They say living your life anyhow you want is one of the signs of life enjoyment. Do you know that there are those people who live to impress without considering what they actually want? Sometimes you have to live your life freely without giving attention on what people might say about you, remember that you are not in prison.
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For the first time, we see Sarah in a short dress

Seems like the former Uzalo actress; Dawn Thandeka king who used to play the character of ‘MaNgcobo’ is one of those people who do not care about what people could say about her because of how she dresses. Dawn Thandeka king is apparently a Sangoma, and we all know that sangomas are expected to dress in an appropriate and respectful manner.

This 44 year-old KZN; Eshowe born star recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a black and white mini-dress and white tekkies. The caption of the post reads: “I truly love this dress”. She looks so stunning and the even the dress suits her perfectly, it makes her look so youthful and free.

Almost everyone was amazed, complementing her for being so fabulously stylish and stunning. The comments were like:

“This dress suits you very nice. I love your body transformation”

“It suits you mama… it goes with the body too”

“You look so young and beautiful. This dress was made for you I am telling you”

Anyway, check out some of the comments below:

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